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Vanderbilt University's eLab is a pioneering academic research center dedicated to the study of human behavior, particularly in online environments. Since 2001, eLab researchers have leveraged use of a diverse international consumer panel to conduct cutting-edge research through robust web-based experiments and surveys. These studies address a wide range of industry-relevant topics concerning online consumer behavior and its implications for business, government, and individual practice.

The technology behind eLab gives unprecedented access to a fully customizable variety of experimental factors and measureables, allowing rigorous and thorough statisical analysis of research data and giving research sponsors a clear picture of how people behave online and why. Delving into such topics as online negotiation, decision making, consumer behavior, and responses to advertising, the insight eLab researchers have gained with respect to online marketing and ecommerce strategy has had important implications for theory and practice.

Founded in 1994, eLab is directed by Jennifer Escalas and supported by a dedicated technical development staff. eLab's research initiatives are supported by a number of multidisciplinary faculty at the Owen Graduate School of Management and various other schools at Vanderbilt University, as well as affiliated faculty at a number of partner universities.